Ode to Bermuda Grass

 Cover Final

A childhood crushed by grief and loss, how much is too much? Is there too much loss that someone can suffer? Are you ever able to move past your past? Is healing possible? Even in her short life 32 year old Julie reflects back on how her past has impacted her future and affected her adolescence. With years of failed relationships and toxic environments, follow Julie as she takes you through her journey of childhood loss, grief, rejection and her own adoption.  This emotionally powerful memoir will explore the ability you have to conquer your past, overcome your previous hurts while starting to thrive.

“I have stumbled over my own feet, gotten lost along the way, tripped and fallen flat on my face but I continue on this lifelong journey.” – Julie Yackley, author of Ode to Bermuda Grass: My Journey Through Loss, Grief and Adoption


Cover art done by: A. Seiler Art