“Inside each of us is an insurmountable power”


Julie was born in Incheon, South Korea. In May 1986, she flew halfway around the world to Minnesota where she grew up. She lived in a small town south of Minneapolis until after graduating high school when she attended the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. From there she joined Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Inc and graduated with her Bachelors in Psychology.

Growing up, Julie has always enjoyed writing, from a young age, she kept multiple journals and would continue this through adulthood. During the summer of 2010, Julie moved down to the Carolinas and would eventually put down roots there, starting a family and getting involved in her local church and community. When she is not working her day job you can find her spending time with her two children, her friends, and her dogs.

Since the release of her book, Julie has been featured on the podcast Adapted, the blog, Dear Adoption, Adoptions Reunion Search & Support and shared her story on Udaan


“Ode to Bermuda Grass is a must read! The author paints a very honest point of view of her unique struggles; losing her mother at a young age as well as being a Korean adoptee. Anyone who has ever dealt with grief, has been adopted, or is thinking of adopting one day needs to read this woman’s story! You won’t be able to put it down.” – Rachael W.

Wow!  Ode to Bermuda Grass is such a compelling story of the authors struggles throughout her childhood and into adulthood with loss, grief, relationships and discovering her true self.  Julie’s openness and ability to share such a personal journey, brings the reader to feel a special connection.  I read it once and re-read it again!  –  Tara C.

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