Follow along to one adoptee’s story, hear how Ode to Bermuda Grass came to be and my journey as a self-published author and my journey as an adoptee.

Inspiration for Bermuda Grass

Why Write a Book?

Giving Back

Stop the Stigma

Too Damn Nice

Wait…Are YOU her Mom?

Dear Adoptive Parents Everywhere,

What?! I can’t be racist…

Grief…what it’s really like

Stronger than Catastrophe

Are you my family?

Anxiety Never Stops

Bookworm Recommendations

This is Me

But I Don’t Remember

Adoption Awareness Month

Nothing Short of a Christmas Miracle

Toeing a Fine Line

Why Can’t I Visit Them?

Where does strength come from

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…

People In Glass Houses…Sink Ships

In the World of Adoptees

Functional Dysfunction

Respond not React

What I’ve Been Reading

Self Destruction in 3…2…1…

Feelings aren’t Facts.

Self Respect is NOT Selfish

Life Lessons from a Campfire

Appa Update

Shonda Hit a Home Run

The Adoption Narrative

Korean Enough

Thoughts on Jo Wilson on Greys Anatomy

How to Support a Spiraling Adoptee


Summer Slump

Parenting as an Adoptee

Adoption Trauma…is it a Thing?

Twirl, Baby Girl

I’ll Give You An Out