But I Don’t Remember

It wasn’t until my trip back to Korea in the spring of 2018 that I missed something I never remembered. Prior to the trip I talked with other KADs before I even bought my ticket.After several conversations I had made the decision to go on the trip on my own, without friends or family. There were going to be other KADs in Korea that I was going to meet up with but I would end up taking my first (that I remember) transcontinental flight solo.

After upgrading my ticket, which I highly recommend, and several movies later I arrived at Incheon Airport. I still have a hard time describing what it was like just walking off of the plane. Just stepping off the plane and walking through the terminal was emotional. My eyes filled with tears as I walked through the terminal to baggage claim. I hadn’t even made to baggage claim or even gotten in a taxi yet.

The entire flight over to Korea I was so anxious about everything. I don’t speak Korean and this was a trip I was going to be taking on my own. During my trip there were only a few tours that I was planning on doing the rest of my itinerary I left open to just explore the city.

Through baggage claim, I immediately felt as easy. I could feel the tension in my shoulders disappear and it was an odd comfort. I never knew that a place I have no memory of would feel so much like home. There was a comfort being able to blend into a crowd and just being in a place that seemed so familiar that I have no memory of. It was the most incredible experience I have had. There were days that I just walked around and just enjoyed being there people watching. I am already planning my next trip back. Now that I’ve been able to connect with the country, I want to be able to experience all that it has to offer. I hope this helps other transracial adoptees. Have you had similar experiences?